About Lurch Restaurant Reservations

Lurch Restaurant Reservations is a new reservation system by catering entrepreneurs, for catering entrepreneurs. We decided to sit around the table with them after hearing of their complaints about other reservations systems, for example: prices and functionalities.

Developing the wishes of catering entrepreneurs

During our deliberations with the catering entrepreneurs, we created a list of the different wishes. Most noticeably we found that they wanted a fair price for the reservation system without commissions and with functionalities such as table management and preventing no-shows.

We collected their complaints and started developing our own reservation system for the catering industry. The outcome of all the deliberations with the entrepreneurs has led to the development of a new reservation system: Lurch Restaurant Reservation.

The result? Lurch Restaurant Reservations

Lurch Restaurant Reservations possesses all the functionalities asked for by professional catering entrepreneurs. These functionalities are both existing ones, that are important to maintain, and new ones that were missing from other existing reservation systems. These are our benefits compared to other reservation systems:

  • Smart table combination and management
    During the setup of Lurch, you can add tables. By indicating which tables can be combined in the case of a larger group, Lurch will automatically assign these combined tables to the online reservation.
  • Digital and intelligent restaurant floorplan
    Lurch offers the opportunity to recreate your restaurant digitally, by adding the tables you made to a floorplan, mimicking your restaurant. This will give you a better overview of the reserved tables and the possible combinations.
  • Add notes to clients
    Lurch keeps track of your client database, in which owners can add notes. Think of no-shows, dietary needs, and preferences. 
  • Setup a maximum number of guests per timeslot and per day
    Do you prefer to work with timeslots and a maximum number of guests? In Lurch you can precisely indicate what your limits are. When you reach your daily limit, Lurch will automatically remove the timeslot option from your reservation form.
  • Setup table priority
    Some tables might have a higher priority than others in some restaurants. Lurch offers the option to mark a table as high priority, so the reservation system will assign this table first when a reservation is placed. 

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NEW! Lurch takeaway and delivery module

Lurch now also offers a takeaway and delivery module so restaurants can start offering delivery and takeaway services. This module contains smart functionalities so you can easily add products to your personal takeaway menu.

Check out the Takeaway and Delivery module

These restaurants already chosen for Lurch Restaurant Reservations: