Since its development in August 2021, Lurch Restaurant Reservations is used daily by many restaurants: From small, cosy pubs to large restaurants with space for hundreds of guests. But did you know that the reservation system by Lurch can be used in many other parts of the hospitality industry? This is already frequently done.

About Lurch Restaurant Reservations

Lurch Restaurant Reservations is a reservation system developed by restaurant owners, for restaurant owners. We have collected all the wishes offered by the catering entrepreneurs and used these as a goal for the development of the reservation system. The result? A user friendly and innovative reservation system fitting the needs of many types of restaurant owners.

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Utilisation of Lurch in the hospitality sector

Even though Lurch was mainly developed to serve restaurants, the system is being used by other companies withing the catering and hospitality industry as well. Basically, our system can be used by any company in need of a system that collects reservations: even if it concerns tables or hotel rooms!

A few examples of the utilisation of Lurch Restaurant Reservations:

  • Events
    Are you organising multiple events for example: a wine tasting or a craft beer event for which guests can reserve a table or spot? This is possible with Lurch. You can easily add events to your opening hours or as a package deal, so guests can go online and indicate for which event they would like to register.
  • Conference rooms
    Are you in possession of multiple conference rooms or are you leasing them to companies? These too can be used in Lurch. Use the tables function in our reservation system to add your conference rooms and give them a name. Indicate how many guests can use the room (minimum and maximum) and at what times the conference room is available.

    Offering coffee, tea or a lunch package? Add these to the package and deals function so guests can indicate which they will be using on the day.

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  • Facilities in hotels
    The same goes for hotels. Give guests the option to reserve a table in the hotel’s restaurant, book a conference room, a day in the spa or register for an event. A reservation system will make it easier for a receptionist to manage reservations and prevent double bookings.
  • Bowling alley
    Make it easier for visitors to reserve a lane by using a reservation system. Enter your lanes, indicate how long the lanes are available per session and at what times they are bookable. Just a few simple steps before guests can start putting in reservations!


Try Lurch Restaurant Reservations for free?

Currently, there are many hospitality and catering companies who are using Lurch to plan their events or conferences. Try Lurch Restaurant Reservations one month for free to see if the system fits your company’s needs!

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Hospitality reservation system Lurch: widely applicable in the hospitality industry

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