A reservation system can lighten your workload sufficiently: it not only make sure all reservations are put into a clear overview in the system, but also automatically assigns a fitting table. How can you still remain in control of your reservations with all this automatization? Let us explain it to you!

Link spaces to opening hours

Since the new Lurch update it has become possible to link spaces to opening hours. This makes it possible to do, for example, the following: link your lunch opening hours to the inside spaces of the restaurant, so your terrace is free for guests who do not have reservations. This can be done by linking the opening hours to different spaces.

How can you do this?

  1. Go to the restaurant opening hours.
  2. Click on edit for the opening hours that your would like to link.
  3. Disable the option ‘All spaces are available for this opening hour’ and select which spaces should be linked to these opening hours.
  4. Save and check if the adjustments are visible in the overview.

Select a time in advance for every open day

Would you prefer for guests to make their reservations up to one day before commence, in relation to preparations? Or are guests allowed to reserve a table till the very last moment, so your restaurant is assured of guests and you know what to expect?

Every restaurant has its own preferences regarding reservation times. This is why you can adjust this setting in the reservation system:

  1. Go to the restaurant opening hours.
  2. Click on edit for the opening hours that require these new restrictions.
  3. Select the number of hours how far in advance guests can place their reservations.
  4. Save the adjustments.

Set a maximum number of guests and/or reservations per opening hour

Can your restaurant seat up to 80 guests, but do you want only 60 guests to be able to make reservations online so there is enough space left for internal reservations or walk-ins? This can be easily set in your restaurant properties. It is, after all, your restaurant so you should be the one to decide how many guests and/or reservations you receive online.

  1. This can be done as follows:
  2. Click on edit for the opening hours that require these new restrictions.
  3. Fill in a maximum number of guests and/or reservations.
  4. Save the adjustments.

Close reservations during rush hours

Is your restaurant just too busy at the moment? Then you could consider closing the reservation module by Lurch temporarily. When doing so, guest will no longer be able to place reservations for today, for as long as you keep them closed, so you can focus on offering the best service to expected reservations.

Close your reservation module temporarily by clicking on your user account then on ‘reservations’. When reservations are open, the system will show this as ‘Reservations: Open’ and when the reservations are closed it will show ‘Reservations: Closed’ followed by the selected times.

Curious if Lurch fits your needs?

Would you like to see if the reservation system by Lurch fits your restaurant? Then try it one month for free. Not happy with the results? Subscriptions can be cancelled every month. Feel free to sign up for Lurch through the button bellow below.

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How to keep control over your reservations | New functionalities!

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