Reservation software for the catering industry

Lurch Restaurant Reservations is a user-friendly system with which guests can easily reserve a table and offers you as owner easy management. The reservation system is integrated by installing widgets onto your website, so guests can make reservations directly on your website.

Placing reservations through different channels

Lurch Restaurant Reservations provides a personal link and a widget on which guests can place their reservations. This link can also be shared on Google My Business and social media so guests can place reservations on whatever channel they are using.

Smart table management

Maximise you profit by using the smart table management function in the reservation system. This option will make for a more efficient table overview and our algorithm can easily fit the best table combination to your guests needs.

Fixed price without commission

Lurch charges a fixed price and no commissions per reservation. The first month is offered for free so you can try out our reservation system in depth and find out if Lurch is the right fit for you. Happy with your choice? You will automatically carry through with a fixed monthly price.

Offers arrangements

You can easily offer arrangements through Lurch. Are you offering a 3-course meal, a theatre arrangement, or a high tea? This can easily be added to your reservation form so guests can choose to take advantage of the deal.

Integrated review tool

Reviews are crucial to restaurants. It not only effects the decision-making process of potential guests, but you can also find great feedback in these reviews. Reviews will help you improve your restaurant, service, and meals.

Setup a maximum number of guests per timeslot and per day

With our reservation tool you can influence the maximum number of guests per timeslot and per day. This way you can guarantee the service that you have always provided for your guests. This function is also meant for you to not fully book your restaurant, this was there is still space for potential walk-ins.

Support team and setup assistance

The team behind Lurch Restaurant Reservations is always ready to help you. Reach us during office hours by phone or email for all questions. Don’t feel like calling us? Check out our extensive Knowledge database for a step-by-step walkthrough of your Lurch system.

Signup for the free trial

Are you interested in trying out Lurch Restaurant Reservations? This reservation system is free to use for the duration of one month. The free trial has no limitations: You can access the full system so you can get a feel if this is the right fit for your restaurant.

Signup for the free trial

You can combine our reservation system with the takeaway- and delivery module. Both can be cancelled monthly.

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