Professional websites for restaurants

Aside from the reservation system and the takeaway and delivery module, Lurch Restaurant Reservations now also offers Restaurant Websites. Is your restaurant not yet in possession of a website or are you not happy with the look of your current one? Consider subscribing for a Restaurant Website by Lurch Restaurant Reservations! This website is available for a fixed monthly fee!

Quick and reliable webhosting

It is of utmost importance that your new website is quick, of quality and reliable. Lurch therefore offers professional webhosting to ensure that your Restaurant Website functions optimally. Our servers provide a constant connection, so your website is always reachable and available for users.

Large e-mail inbox

Also included in the price is a spacious e-mail inbox of 1GB. This e-mail can, for instance, be used as the info mail for your restaurant: All emails are sent to our servers so they are all stored safely in the Cloud. This way you can access your restaurant e-mail on different devices.

Domain name

Your restaurant website will need a fitting domain name to ensure that your website is easily found and reachable for your target audience. Lurch Restaurant Reservations will advise you during this search for the perfect domain name so your website is easy to find.

Updates and backups

Lurch will ensure that your restaurant website is always up-to-date and will make frequent backups, so no data and information is lost. We can, if desired, add new integrations by Lurch Restaurant Reservations when they are released (just like the widget and reviews).

Excellent service

Lurch Restaurant Reservations provides the framework for the new restaurant website, which you can adjust to your needs. You can write texts, upload photos and add menus to the allocated pages. Do you have questions about the subscription or are you facing difficulties when editing the website? The Lurch support team will gladly help you!

SSL certificate (https)

And also included is a SSL certificate. This is a file used to ensure the safety between the server and the internet browser. The Restaurant Website by Lurch is provided with this certificate and protects your website completely.

… and all that for just €30,- a month!



What does the website look like?

The restaurant website consists of the following pages:

  • Homepage
    Includes a large slider, pictures, opening hours and the address
  • About us
    For more details about the founding of the company, introduce staff and more.
  • Menus
    So guests can get an impression of your dishes and drink menu before visiting.
  • An impression page
    Perfect for pictures and videos of the restaurant.

Lurch will also link your new website to the reservation form so guests can easily start booking. The header will include links to your restaurants social media platforms, making it easier for visitors to find your socials and follow you. And would you also like to have the reservation widget on the website? No problem! Just inform us and we’ll integrate the widget on the desired pages.


Website texts

The restaurant website is delivered as a framework by Lurch Restaurant Reservations and can be completely personalised. One of the easiest (and most important) ways to do this is by adding content to your webpages. After delivery, you will get full access to the restaurant website with an explanation on how to edit your new webpages. After this you are ready to start personalising the new site by adding photos and content!

Have professional content written for your website?

Content creation can be a bottleneck for many companies. We understand this completely! Let us help you by writing professional texts for your new website. We have listed below the advantages of having content provided by Lurch Restaurant Reservations:

  • Help from content and SEO specialists
  • Easier found on the internet
  • No further worries about the website
  • Logical structure and professional appearance


Websites for restaurants by Lurch

Are you interested in the restaurant websites by Lurch Restaurant Reservations? Feel free to contact us over email or call us to discuss the possibilities. This way, you too can own a professional and structured restaurant website!

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