Takeaway and Delivery module for restaurants

Aside from the reservation system, Lurch also offers a Takeaway- and Delivery module. This module offers the option to start takeaway and delivery for a fixed price per month. Lurch offers an easy-to-use interface so you can create, edit or delete products from your custom menu. This module can be used individually or in combination with the Lurch reservation system.

Easily create your takeaway menu

You can add products and categories into the backend of Lurch. By creating categories, you can organise your products and make a clear overview for your guests.

Add product options

With the product options you can profit from cross-selling. Add extra side dishes or a lovely wine or beer option. Guests can add these to their products while placing their orders.

Add an image

Why not add images to your products so guests can get a better impression of what the dishes will look like. Adding images is optional.

Temporarily deactivate products

Is a product or dish temporarily unavailable? You can simply deactivate this product so your customers can’t see them. You can reactivate the product again whenever the dish or product is available, this way you won’t have to delete all temporarily unavailable products.

Choose your own delivery radius

You can choose the areas in which your restaurant delivers. This is done by adding zip codes. Fill in the zip codes which can request delivery, so only these areas can take advantage of this option.

Place orders up to one week beforehand

Customers can place their orders up to one week before the order date. This way your restaurant can prepare for the orders, and you offer your customers more freedom.

Support team and setup assistance

The team behind Lurch Restaurant Reservations is always ready to help you. Reach us during office hours by phone or email for all questions. Don’t feel like calling us? Check out our extensive Knowledge database for a step-by-step walkthrough of your Lurch system.

Signup for the free trial

Are you interested in trying out Lurch Restaurant Reservations? This takeaway and delivery module is free to use for the duration of one month. The free trial has no limitations: You can access the full module so you can get a feel if this is the right fit for your restaurant.

Signup for the free trial

You can combine the module with the reservation system. Both can be cancelled on a monthly basis.


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